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Rachel Levine Speaks at Yale on Covid and Gender Affirming Care

Dawn Ennis and Admiral Levine at a public meeting at Yale

In a visit to one of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, Adm. Rachel Levine answered questions and offered insight about two of the most controversial healthcare issues of this decade, Long Covid and gender-affirming care.

Admiral Levine addresses the public meeting.

Long Covid is the mysterious phenomenon in which patients endure debilitating, long-term effects from being infected by the coronavirus and gender-affirming care, treatments for transgender youth that are being targeted by lawmakers nationwide.

Levein spoke at a public meeting and afterwards held a private session with Long Covid patients and Yale doctors, researchers, counselors, physical therapists and other providers. Then in the afternoon, the admiral spoke at another event, held at Yale Medical School: “A Conversation on LGBTQI+ Health & Gender-Affirming Care.” Although it was closed to press, Yale Asst. Professor of Medicine Diane Bruessow attended the event and shared with the Blade what Levine told those gathered, which is that she remains positive and optimistic.

“I think over time, things will change, and things will get better,” said Levine, adding the caveats, “I don’t know if they will get better everywhere in the United States. I also don’t know if it’s going to be quick. I think the next two years will be really, really hard.” Especially with more than 270 anti-trans pieces of legislation moving their way through state legislatures.

Dawn Ennis has the whole story she wrote for the Los Angeles Blade here.