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CT Voice – October 3
Voice Out Loud – Sept 2020
Arts & Culture
What is Queer Art?  

How do we determine what represents a community? By Patrick J. Dunn Humanity is defined...

September 18, 2020
Taking the Stage 

Jacob Padrón plans dramatic changes for New Haven theater By Frank Rizzo Jacob G. Padrón stands...

September 18, 2020
Woke Me When It’s Over

For the last several years, America’s been sliding down the slippery slope of purging and...

July 29, 2020
Art Consultancy

Potterday -- Mark Baxter, Principal Potterday is a vital marketing resource to anyone in the...

July 17, 2020
Graphic Design

Todd M. LeMieux Design, Todd M. LeMieux, Principal I'm an award-winning, published graphic designer with...

July 17, 2020
Social Services

Kids In Crisis, Judy Zendell, Development/Marketing Coordinator Kids In Crisis is the only agency that...

July 17, 2020
Home Care

CT Home Care Program, Justin Michaud, Director We provide in-home services for the elderly or...

July 17, 2020
Dressed For Success

SCSU’s new clothing and toiletries closet helps and uplifts LGBTQ students By Cara McDonough  /  Photography by Daniel...

May 28, 2019
Featured Articles
Finding His Way

Scot Haney is living the life he’s meant to live By Cara ROSNER / Photography...

September 18, 2020
Coming Together  

In These Trying Times, Our Community Hears a Call to Action By Quinn Roberts This...

September 18, 2020
Speaking Their Truths

Intersex individuals seek greater visibility and understanding By Jane Latus LGBTQIA+. In social movements, employment,...

September 18, 2020
Health & Wellness
Continuous Care

Middlesex Health is supporting transgender patients who face additional health concerns during the pandemic By...

September 18, 2020
Help and Hope

For trans patients, high-quality primary care is a crucial part of the journey By Jane Latus...

June 17, 2020
Speaking From the Heart

Middlesex Health helps transgender patients build a voice to match their identity By Carol Latter...

February 26, 2020
The Sit Down