• Plan for the Long Run

    Long-term care is an important factor in the plans you create or continue to develop. You are doing that, right? And hopefully with the help of a professional. For LGBTQ+ individuals, future planning is especially critical. Various studies, including one from Experian in 2018, showed that LGBTQ+ people spent more...

    November 16, 2021 / Buzz
  • Moving In Together? Think About Potential Legal Issues

    In a relationship, few things are as exciting as the prospect of living together. It’s a big step, and it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. No one wants to be a buzz kill or undermine all the romantic parts of anticipating a shared home and a life together. At...

    November 15, 2021 / Buzz
  • Hallelujah! Douglas Lyons’s Comedy Made It To Broadway

    When we last talked with playwright-actor Douglas Lyons, he was isolated at his New York City apartment during the pandemic, and crossing his fingers for some future life for his play Chicken & Biscuits, whose run at a small Queens venue was cut short when theaters shut down in mid-March...

    November 15, 2021 / Buzz
  • Getting Ready for the Senior Fling … So To Speak

    Don’t let the title fool you. Steven Petrow’s new book, Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old, is more than just a laundry list of things older people do that annoy younger people and their families. It’s a thoughtful collection of essays that just happens to have a...

    November 15, 2021 / Buzz
  • Drawing on Experience

    Artist Dan Crowley’s New Book Celebrates Creativity

    November 15, 2021 / Buzz
  • Ballet’s Bad Boy Tells All

    Hello, James … again.

    September 10, 2021 / Buzz
  • More Than A Toy

    Matthew shows off the set inspired by a vision of empowerment and inclusion.

    September 10, 2021 / Buzz
  • ACLU Seeks Executive Order on ID Gender Changes; Biden Starts with Passports

    Change may only come about from a grassroots uprising, but it’s always good to have some help straight from the top.

    September 10, 2021 / Buzz
  • Once upon a time in West Hartford…

    A group of ordinary LGBTQ folk told some very extraordinary stories.

    September 10, 2021 / Buzz
  • New Law Says All Parents are Parents

    The very title of the form given to parents of newborns tells you what’s wrong with it: “Acknowledgement of Paternity.” It’s also revealing to see which parents it’s offered to: opposite-sex, unmarried couples only. Thankfully, that form is now history, and the Connecticut legislature has made history by passing this...

    September 10, 2021 / Buzz

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