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More Anti-Trans Celebrities Mouth Off

The Washington Post has the story.

Both Bette Midler and Marcy Gray are allies…to a point.

Bette Midler and Marcy Gray. Photo from The Washington Post

Still, their attention-seeking, ignorant  mouthing off reveals that they advance the TERF opinion that trans women are not “real women,” and that assigned gender at birth is absolute.

This unnecessary outspokenness raises several questions:

First, why do these celebrities feel they are qualified to comment on this issue? And what does it say about the media that is willing to  quote these individuals for attention and clickbait for themselves?

Second, how is someone legitimately an ally who doesn’t support all people under the LGBTQ+ banner?

Midler, who got her start singing in gay baths in New York and who attended the first Pride parade in New York City has also in private conversations complained about being a “gay icon” and was an indifferent supporter of same sex marriage, according to people who had those conversations with her.

Cover photo from HRC report on anti-transgender violence.