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It’s a Bird! It’s a Goat! It’s a Furry!

There were loads of double-takes last fall in downtown Stamford. Especially on Summer Street, where life-sized animals were sliding out of cars, hoofing down the sidewalk, crossing the street with their wings, antennae and ears flapping, all flocking to the Armon Hotel.

Inside, it was a total Furpocalypse. That’s its name. “Furpoc,” for short, is the Halloween-themed convention that each year draws about 1,500 “furries” to socialize, dance, share their artwork, party and be their furry selves.

Furries are fans of anthropomorphism, the creative act of attributing human characteristics to animals. In a sense, they’re like Trekkies or Comic-Con-goers; they attend conventions and dress in character. But unlike those other fandoms, furries create their own alter-ego characters. And unlike other fan groups, furries are a community beyond their shared interest, gathering year-round to socialize, and forming close friendships.

A few facts: furries create their own “fursona,” a character with whom they identify, often based on real or idealized aspects of themselves. Those who can afford them, or can make them, wear custom-made costumes that represent their fursona. Others wear features, like wings, tails, or a mask. Furries are predominantly LGBTQ+, on the younger side, and male, but there’s an increasing representation of gender nonconforming paricipantss. There are also little kids, straight, and senior furries (“gray muzzles,” in furry lingo). They embrace philanthropy, raising money at their events. This year, Furpoc fundraised for queer youth advocacy group Q Plus.

What furries aren’t are sexual fetishists, and they don’t use litter boxes; those are homophobic slurs and hoaxes.

Mainly, furries just want to have fun.

For more on the community, see “Animal Instinct” in the Fall 2019 Connecticut Voice, and, the site of the International Anthropomorphic Research Project.


Marcy (Dutch Angel Dragon) and Willo (Wolf)

What do people misunderstand about furries? 

Marcy: They think that we think we’re real animals. We’re all just humans, trying to have fun. Willo: They think it’s a fetish. I love that the community is such a welcoming environment. No one judges. And when I’m in a fursuit, I feel like I’m not myself, like I’m on vacation almost. It’s a good feeling.


Reece (Australian Shephard)

What’s best about being a furry?

Honestly, the community–seeing friends, hanging out. It’s a really good vacation from work. It’s also so hard to make friends as adults.


Izzi (Border Collie)

How did you choose this fursona?

Part of my personality is I like to organize things. It’s like we’re kindred spirits. I’ve been a furry for 15 years. I find it easier to interact with people when I’m wearing it. I can be more social, and more silly.


Ferdinand Ferret

What do you like about being a furry?

It’s such a diverse community, and by and large a very accepting one. All walks of life find their place here. People who have trouble socializing feel right at home.


Wayon (Goat)

Why do you like wearing a fursuit?

It doesn’t matter who you are, gender-wise, or where you’re from in the world. No matter who you are, you dress up and you’re all pretty much the same.


Starberry (Cat/Fox hybrid)

What do you like about fursonas?

Being able to express yourself in a fun way. Being who you want to be. A lot of people are still a kid at heart here. It’s really light-hearted fun.


Cyber Decker (Cyberdog)

How’d you come up with this fursona?

A friend has a cyperpunk fursuit. It’s really cool. I thought, what if I made a dog version of that? I designed and made the whole suit myself. I love the creativity of the community. Fursuits are walking pieces of art. I love the self-expression.


Tiger Shintan

Why a tiger?

Before, I was a World of Warcraft gamer and would play the animal race. The tiger was my most favorite animal to race. Then I played Skyrim, and that has a cat animal race. To me, being an animal character is more interesting than being a human.


Meep (Gummy Salamander)

Why a salamander?

I’ve always thought they were adorable. I love how adaptable they are – they live on water and land. I’ve always adapted to things in my life. So, they speak to me.


Parker (Fox)

What would you like people to know about the furry community?

It’s a great way to meet lots of people who are using their fursona to express their true self, or how they want others to see them. It’s especially helpful for people with social anxiety. I personally may not look like much, but look at me as a fox!


Hudson (Goat)

What’s fun about being a furry?

People are really nice. I like how accepting the community is. The suiting part is fun, too. You get to surprise people and make them happy. Like today – the Uber driver’s reaction. He pulled up [to the convention] and he’s like, “What the hell is going on here?!”