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Love is in the Air… And On The Wall

This summer, Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) partnered with muralist Lisa Marie to bring “The Love Mural” to Connecticut. The mural at Parkville Market was unveiled during a Pride Month event.

The project was made possible by funding from Macy’s. “Through our social purpose platform, “Mission Every One,” Macy’s is committed to creating a brighter future with bold representation for our customers, colleagues, and communities we serve,” said Sam Di Scipio, Macy’s, Inc. senior director, social impact. “We are thrilled to provide Mental Health CT with funding to create dynamic artwork that promotes inclusion and empowers members of the LGBTQ community to be their authentic selves.”


The mural, and its message of love and healing, was the result of a life-threatening accident. Lisa Marie told CT Voice, “In 2104, I had a pretty bad fall off a ladder and had a bad concussion. I was going through a lot of struggles with my mental health and a traumatic brain injury.

“At the time, I also had a long-term partner, and I ended up becoming a survivor of intimate abuse.”


As a result of this, Lisa Marie began a healing journey that involved a trip to Mexico, Yoga practice, and a quest to understand self-worth and self-love. “I started learning about how colors relate to our energy. I took all the seven charka colors [Identified with energy centers in the body] and the thirteen colors in the color spectrum and focused on what’s bringing us joy.


“When I was feeling better in 2017, I put the healing color energy into personal practice in the studio, and then I wanted to take it to the street and paint it.”

The first mural in Washington, D.C. was an instant hit. Lady GaGa visited. There were pop-up weddings, and the mural went viral on social media with messages celebrating all kinds of love, peace and friendship. It was more than anyone anticipated.


Lisa Marie wanted to take the feelings national, and she began her mission to paint Love Murals in all 50 states. The one in Connecticut is the fourth. Lisa Marie is particularly happy to partner with MHC, the original idea “stemmed from my journey to mental health.”


As Lisa Marie says, the mural is for everyone. “Everyone is on their own journey, and I want it to feel inclusive. The mural is a big hug of color, and there’s something that happens where everyone feels better when they are surrounded by this color. My hope is that experience helps to heal people.”

And after 50 states? Lisa Marie hopes to take it to the world. “What do we need,” she asks? “We all need to be loved, and together we can paint this world a rainbow.”


You can learn more about Lisa Marie and the mural at

—Christopher Byrne