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How Sweet It Is


These days we need to read more stories like this!

Earlier this year before the pandemic, I attended a christening (baptism) for a friend’s daughter at a church in North Carolina. It was a happy day. Skies were sunny and temperatures unusually balmy for mid-January.

I arrived at the church, a bit early, to be with my friend Jeff and his husband Jack. Their daughter Rose, just past the age of two was perky and perfectly adorable. The guys dressed her in an exquisite vintage christening gown. It was a true work of art. Something that only two gay fathers could pick for their daughter!! It had finely embroidered ivory floral lace with cording and lined in rose-colored dupioni silk. The skirt fell well past her toes and had a gorgeous scalloped lace at the hem. Rose was also wearing a matching ivory sheer lace bonnet with silk ribbon ties. It framed her little face perfectly for her special day.

Looking like royalty, she took in all the admiring glances on her special day. At the same time she wore a quizzical look, wondering what all the fuss was about. While she was oblivious to the importance of the occasion, it didn’t escape a young boy, her cousin. He was appropriately attentive to Rose. He affectionately caressed her face and gently felt the fabric of her dress. Caught up in the moment and seemingly bedazzled by all her finery, he innocently asks, “Is Rose getting married today?”

Now, ain’t that sweet?

Later, at the end of the actual baptism itself, it was time for the minister leading the service to give the newly baptized a traditional blessing. With Rose held closely on his left arm and looking at her face, he raises his right arm and puts his hand over her to give his final blessing. Before he could get a word out though, a precocious infant’s hand flew up and gave the minister a solid high-five. At that moment, all decorum went out the window. Stopped in his tracks, and momentarily speechless, the minister laughs along with the rest of the congregation.

How sweet it is, indeed!