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The Commissary: It’s A Cosmic Thing

Follow the rainbow over the stream, follow the fellow who follows a dream. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follloooowwwwww… the yellow brick road.

Thank God for Munchkins. Without them Dorothy might have ended up as a casserole in the Wicked Witch of the West’s toaster oven. Or worse, in Newark.

But with their help, Dorothy managed to find the yellow brick road, and other than realizing that she could have gone home at any time and watched Netflix if she’d only just clicked her shoes together, everything turned out fine.

Fortunately, Munchkins aren’t required to find the yellow brick road at Cosmic Omelet in Manchester because it runs right through the middle of the restaurant. And, also, Munchkins aren’t real, except for the kind you get in a bag from Dunkin.

Eclectic and mod, Cosmic Omelet makes breakfast a positively galactic experience. The décor is a blend of quirky murals painted by local artists and posters like “I Want to Believe,” from the X-Files.

However, there isn’t a single nude poster of Fox Mulder, like, anywhere, something they might want to remedy ASAP.

There’s also a yellow brick road painted on the floor, winding its way to the back of the restaurant, which is a maze of Jimi Hendrix-invoking, groovy-baby, Star Wars, painted hallways and rooms.

In a word, it’s super fun.

Beyond the whimsical theme, there are retro arcade games to help pass the time when the wait for tables gets long, a deck of cards on the table for a quick hand of poker, and a kid’s playing area in the back that looks like an enchanted forest.

Then there’s omelets. A lot of omelets. Like an Omeletpalooza, minus Pearl Jam. There are so many on the menu that it’s like trying to read the phone book.

[Helpful translation for anyone under 30: Phone Book (fōn ˌbo͝ok), noun, a listing of telephone subscribers in a geographical area. Its purpose is to allow the telephone number of a subscriber identified by name and address to be found.]

There’s a bacon cheeseburger omelet, pastrami, Swiss, and mustard omelet, a Hawaiian omelet with ham and pineapple, and even a taco omelet with all the ingredients you’d expect.
Much like the restaurant, the names are inspired, too.

The “Green Giant (ho, ho, ho)” features broccoli, ham, and cheddar. The “Three Pig” has ham, bacon, and sausage (no wolf). “Only The Provolonely” is filled with sausage, mushrooms, spinach, and, obviously, provolone.

Don’t like omelets? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options including the usual fare like eggs, bacon and such, along with an impressive (and seriously naughty) variety of pancake flavors including s’more, cinnamon roll, Reese’s peanut butter, and M & M, as well as a bunch of calorie-laden French toast choices.

There’s also “Stoner Cereal (Reese’s Peanut Butter Rice Krispies with milk)” for anyone soaring through space and time without the benefit of a star ship, and an option called, “The Brave and Curious,” a smart-ass title for grilled bagel with bacon and a side of peanut butter.

No matter how difficult the Felicia in your dining group is, they’re sure to find something on the menu, even if they have to ask if it’s gluten-free or order everything worth eating on the side.

And most important, should you get swept up in a nasty tornado halfway through breakfast, you only have to click your heels three times to find your way home.

Cosmic Omelet is located at 485 Hartford Road in Manchester. For more information: