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The Commissary: Just Tasteasing

Everyone knows that it’s important to eat healthy.

That’s why this week’s Commissary will take time out to focus on the four major food groups recommended for maintaining a well-balanced diet.

Sugar, icing, frosting, and cake.

Because like choosing lovers, buying mascara, or bribing a foreign government in an attempt to sabotage a political rival, it’s imperative to make good choices.

Fortunately, all four can be conveniently found at Tastease Mini Donuts in Hartford.

Oh sure, you probably think donuts are a dime a dozen. But seriously, even if you made them from scratch, they’d cost a lot more than a dime.

Does anyone use dimes anymore? And what’s the deal with pennies? The pavement next to most drive-thru windows is littered with dozens of them no one even cares enough about to pick up.

When cashiers give pennies back in change, most people end up tossing them into the plastic thing on the counter that says, “Got a penny? Leave it! Need a penny? Take it!”

They’re like the Kardashians, useless and irrelevant but, against all odds, still here.

When it comes to donuts, however, the sublime little confections that Tastease whips up are far from run-of-the-mill and worth every last Kardashian.

It’s hard not to be completely smitten the moment you see them in the case.

Cute and little (but not too little), they’re all dressed up in colorful goodies like chocolate, salted caramel, sprinkles, sugar, frosting swirls, coconut, and cereal.

You can’t help but want to snuggle and cuddle them up before finally giving them a good home in your mouth.

Let’s be honest right now. You can dip just about anything in sprinkles and chocolate in an attempt to make it look attractive. But the true test is the taste bud.

And Tastease delivers the goods.

The stuff on top isn’t there to mask the flat, useless crap cake hiding beneath it, like some other donut makers.

Instead, it’s a delightful combination of inspired topping and fresh donut beneath. A pairing made by the gods. The eighth chakra. Ellen and Portia.

Heaven’s donuts are made daily and there a variety of flavors, both ongoing and seasonal, to choose from (do the German Chocolate and Oreo for SURE). Arrive early in the day to get them at their prime and don’t even think about leaving with less than a dozen.

It’ll cost you around 1200 Kardashians, but like the real ones, it’s probably not too hard to find some just lying around doing nothing.

Teastease Mini Donuts is located at 70 New Park Ave., Hartford.

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