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The Audacious Voice

The Audacious Voice

Artwork by March Grabber


The Accent Mystery—We’ve all heard about being “struck dumb” by something, but what would happen if you were suddenly struck British…well, at least in your speaking voice? Chion talks with a man who suffered from the real but rare Foreign Accent Syndrome. While there are fewer than 100 actual reported cases in all time, it happened to Kenly Byrd who one day, after suffering from a migraine, suddenly sounded like he’d just landed from Old Blighty. It certainly shocked this lifelong Alabamian—and his family and friends—when his familiar twang became “pear shaped tones.” Chion talks to him over time, and the end of the tale is as surprising as its beginning.

Keep On Truckin’, Women—After seeing a tow truck operator on I-84, Chion became fascinated with the lives and jobs of these mobile rescuers. When the only people who responded to her producer’s interview requests were female tow truck drivers, the adventure—and the episode—took on a new, and much broader, dimension. Chion talked to and rode along with women who loved what they did, got an inside view of what life on the road is like, particularly when people are in distress, and saw that helping might be a calling. Plus, a surprise revelation from one of her interviewees, opened Chion’s eyes to the ways in which acceptance and support can be life-affirming—even when the come from what might be unexpected places.

Peppered…With Questions—This one is pure Chion. It starts two decades ago in the parking lot of the Westfarms Mall. Fast forward to a show about spies—and one spy in particular, the famous Valerie Plame whose identity as a CIA operative was leaked in 2003. This led to a conversation between Plame and Chion, a trip to New Mexico, a new encounter with a childhood memory, and a string of peppers—a ristra—a symbol of welcome. Chion pulls it all together as only she can in an intriguing journey and yet another wonderful story of fascinating people.