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Botox for Men

The Benefits of Botox For Men

Sure, you’re into the latest grooming lotions and potions. But what about those frown lines and crow’s feet? “Men want to look refreshed,” said Lauren Cardone, APRN, practitioner and owner of Revitalize Medspa & Skincare Center in Old Saybrook. Lauren says there certainly is a greater number of men coming in for Botox and other treatments. There are several groups of patients that see improvement with Botox. Some are younger guys in their 20s to 30s that start to see the early stages of aging and want to do some preventive Botox. Others are starting a new stage of life — either a career change or divorce — and seek improvements in their looks, while others are worried about looking older than their partner and want to shed some years off their face.

We use the same safe and effective Botox solution for all our patients, but the amount and technique used varies between men and women. Because aging effects women and men quite differently, our male patients often have different concerns and goals. Typically, men will notice signs of aging on the brow; deep forehead creases are a top concern for many of our male patients. Additionally, fine lines from years spent in the sun, loss of volume and sagging skin in the mid-face, and the appearance of jowls around the jaw are typical areas of concern for men. Male patients also often require more units of Botox to receive comparable results. This is because men’s facial muscles are bulkier than women’s and require more product to treat an area.  Because of these factors, it is important to work with a Botox provider who has experience working with male patients and an advanced understanding of facial anatomy.

“The goal with Botox in men is to soften the wrinkles without affecting animation or character. I would rather under-treat someone and have him, or her, come back for more than to over-treat someone and have them look abnormal,” Lauren concludes.

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