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What’s In A Name?


It’s been said that there is a striking pattern between people named Dennis and Denise and the frequency of them both being dentists. The same is true for Lawrence and lawyers. Intriguing. There are still more analogous examples to be found for anyone caring to do a Google search.

Looking at other instances, you will likely recall a few years back, Carlos Danger (aka Anthony Weiner, former politician) being involved in a sexting scandal. Hmmmm…..a true irony. Destined to be? A few months ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, I recall seeing a surprising story about Corona beer. The New York Times reported then that 38 percent of surveyed American beer drinkers said they would not buy Corona beer “under any circumstances”. A brand name tainted by a virus. Of all things! That had me really worried for a moment. It made me wonder what was really in the Bug Juice I had a summer camp as a kid? Please no, perish the thought. Humor aside, just last week we had a major weather event. A tropical storm, named Isaias, hits us. Its name, of course, is Spanish for Isaiah. He was one of four main prophets in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. He was known as a messenger for those on high.

Regardless of your own personal persuasion though, we find ourselves muddling through our lives with an undercurrent of anxiety and varying levels of trepidation. Just when you thought we’ve hit a collective bottom with the pandemic, we get slammed again. This time with a nasty storm. Shaking my head after days in the dark, I had a very different agenda planned for my week. I had a different agenda for this year, before the virus changed it for me. I now wonder if there is a message here in all this mishegas.

As they say, ‘tomorrow is not promised’. That phrase has never resonated more to me than in recent times. It’s time to do my life differently. The pandemic and now Isaias have helped me to see how important it is to seize the day. After some reflection and self-examination, more than anything I understand that it’s time to stop waiting to do the things that I value and are important to me. That’s living my best life. What does your best life look like? Let’s think it through and just do it!