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Art Consultancy

Potterday — Mark Baxter, Principal

Potterday is a vital marketing resource to anyone in the arts community — galleries, auction houses, museums, artists.

You make, curate, display and discover art.  We brand, expose, invite, engage and embrace.  We are your partners. We’ll take your best work and help find a market for it by using all the conventional and some unconventional tools of the trade.

As marketers, dealers, collectors and artists, we’ve seen all sides of the equation when it comes to marketing,  promoting, creating and selling works of art.

Our team of talented copywriters, art directors, and strategists relate to everything about the world of art and promoting it. Our services can be comprehensive or à la carte, but the starting point is finding the uniqueness in you, your business, and your audience. Only then can we create the comprehensive strategy that builds your brand – so we can burnish it, embellish it, execute it,  and measure it.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Baxter, Potterday, Ridgefield, CT
Phone: 203-731-7839

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